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Gator Dust Polymeric Paver Sand

Alliance brand Gator Dust polymeric paver sand is used for natural stone joints that are 1/2" to 6".  This product is for pedestrian walkway, pool decks, or patios only (not for vehicular use).  Click the link to find out more about Gator Dust from Alliance.

Installation Instructions

  1. Gator Dust must be installed above 59°F (15°C).
  2. Gator Dust can only be installed if rain is not forecasted in the next 24 hours.
  3. Wet cast & natural stones sides and top surfaces must be completely dry. Do not apply if the wet cast or natural stones surfaces are damp or wet. The damp or wet surfaces will cause Gator Dust to prematurely activate and will lead to the polymers sticking on the wet cast or natural stones surfaces.  It also prevents the product from properly entering the joints.
  4. Minimize or avoid walking on the wet cast or natural stones for 24 hours after the installation of Gator Dust.
  5. If Gator Dust is left lying on the wet cast or natural stones surfaces for a long duration, moisture can form and will activate the Gator Dust on the wet cast or natural stones surfaces, staining may occur.
  6. Do not use Gator Dust when wet cast or natural stones are installed over a concrete base. Gator Dust is designed to function on a traditional base system. A concrete base inhibits drainage; thus, the trapped water will negatively impact the product’s performance.